Time is Precious

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we all have many things in common. We live life to the fullest, squeezing value and worth out of every minute of our busy days and weeks that seem to be moving faster and faster all the time. Our lives are filled with all kinds of family responsibilities, lots of hard work, service in the Church and in our communities, and we still find the time to make it all fun. We expect the most out of everything we do and too often are masters at doing everything ourselves. We run, run, run and “Oh- it’s Monday afternoon again; I need to put something together in a hurry for Family Home Evening tonight. Help!”

Enter Club FHE!

Club FHE is set up as a complete Family Home Evening program consisting of four complete lessons per month for twelve months, plus two bonus holiday lessons (Christmas and Easter) for a total of 50 lessons complete with a Family Home Evening planner, lesson manual and everything needed for a “Hands On” object lesson for each weekly gospel topic.

The kit also includes the “Club Start-Up Kit.” The club’s start-up kit includes the Club FHE magnetic refrigerator door family home evening “Part Chart” and Family Name Chips, magnetic Story Board, and Club Manual.

The Manual and Story Board

The Club Manual is just that, a how-to description on how the program is designed to work. Also, help with successful family home evening practices and other ideas can be found inside.

The Club’s Magnetic Story Board is a new twist on an idea from the past… remember “flannel boards”? Many of the Club’s “Hands On” lessons have pieces and visual aids that put the magnetic story board to use, and guess what… un-like those flannel pieces of old, our magnetic ones really stick!

The Part Chart

The role of Club FHE’s Family Home Evening “Part Chart” is to keep Monday nights organized and on schedule as well as to build anticipation and excitement in your children. They love to have a “Part” in Family Home Evening and see their names under their upcoming weeks’ assignments. Our Magnetic Part Chart goes right on your refrigerator door and includes Magnetic Family Chips that can be rotated each week.

The Club FHE Program starts with “The Family News Brief” and is a time for family members to gather together and hear of family happenings and accomplishments over the past week. Children love to hear what they did “great” and this is the time to really make them feel special!

The Part Chart follows the order of the Lesson Guide, and the parts include:

Opening Prayer

The beginning of Family Home Evening and the inviting of the Spirit.


Each weekly lesson has a scripture to be read aloud that goes along with the week’s topic.


Families may need a Children’s Song book and/or the Children’s Hymns. The part of chorister belongs to the child.


The Lesson Manual is usually prepared and delivered by Mom, Dad or older siblings.  “Hands On” object lesson included.

Words of a Prophet

The thought of the night and always from one of the prophets of the Church.

Closing Prayer

The closing of Family Home Evening. Can’t wait till next week!

“We call upon parents to devote their best efforts to the teaching and rearing of their children in gospel principles which will keep them close to the Church. The home is the basis of a righteous life, and no other instrumentality can take its place or fulfill its essential functions in carrying forward this God-given responsibility. We counsel parents and children to give highest priority to family prayer, family home evening, gospel study and instruction, and wholesome family activities.”

First Presidency letter, 11 February 1999
Gordon B. Hinckley,
Thomas S. Monson,
and James E. Faust

The Lessons

The Club FHE lessons are all written with the same easy-to-teach format that follows the steps on each week’s FHE Planner. This predictable lesson layout and outline will help your children come to know what to expect each week and how to respond to each step as they experience the lessons week after week. All lessons include a mix of lesson aspects including–Share Yourself, See What They Say, Scripture Stories, Moments from Church History, For A Bigger Understanding, and a Hands On Activity. These aspects also help to break up the lesson material and keep the attention of your children. They keep it interesting and make it fun!

Download Free Sample Lesson

These six aspects of Club FHE are designed to create wonderful teaching moments and lasting impressions that will build testimonies and family togetherness.

Share Yourself

This lesson aspect gives a built-in chance to add special insight, to tell a personal story or adjust the topic to a possible family need at the time. This is the moment set aside to make the lesson better reflect your individual family.

Scripture Stories

What would a Family Home Evening lesson be without a great story from the scriptures to tie into the weekly gospel topic? Every lesson has a themed scripture to read, and when included, the Scripture Stories aspect is for added scripture emphasis on a particular topic. The scriptures have the ability to teach in ways that no other process can.

Moments from Church History

With all the great moments from our church’s history, it is never hard to find one that will bring the Spirit into a lesson. When included, this aspect is intended to do just that and also to educate our children about what a wonderful legacy our church enjoys in looking to our past.

See What They Say

This is one of the more interesting and fun aspects of each lesson. It is time set aside for the children to speak out, and when that happens you just never know what they might come up with! It is never dull and it often allows a peek into what your children are really thinking. It encourages family discussion and is a very good way for children to express themselves, their growing personalities and their personal ideas in a loving and supportive family environment.

For A Bigger Understanding

This lesson aspect is built into many of the lessons to help raise the bar for older or more advanced children. Although Club FHE lessons are appropriate for kids of all ages, they were written with primary-age children (4-12) in mind as the focus. The Bigger Understanding aspect is to help bridge that gap in many of the gospel topics that need a bit more explanation for older kids. The additional information in this section of the lesson can also be shared with just the older children in a family that may have a range of ages while the younger children move on to another activity. It is included and intended to make the lessons as ageless as possible.

Hands On Activity

This is arguably the most enjoyed, talked about and remembered aspect of Club FHE! The Hands On object lessons included with each kit are looked forward to each and every week by all children (and parents too!). These very creative lessons are included at the end to put a lasting memory in the children’s minds and hearts. Kids learn and remember best when all five senses are involved, and these hands on activities are designed to do just that. At Club FHE, we like to do these kinds of activities in place of the “traditional” game at the end of family home evening. We feel that if we can make the end of the lesson fun while still reinforcing the night’s teachings, we are that much further ahead of the “game.”


“Our Family Home Evenings had been moderately successful in the past and then we found Club FHE. The lessons have truly become a blessing to our family! My children look forward to each new lesson every Monday, and it has relieved stress on my husband and I with the ease of preparation of quality and meaningful lessons for our children. Thanks and keep up the good work, we are counting on you!”

“Club FHE- Help! My children are asking for family night every night! Your lesson plans are wonderful and I love the simplicity that the program offers me. As a single mother trying my best to raise my two girls in the gospel, this program is truly an answer to my prayers!”

“When I think about all that I am responsible for in a weeks time I am very grateful my sister told me about this Family Night Club. It has empowered me with the ability to give my family meaningful and gospel centered Family Night Lessons that I was finding hard to put together myself with my very busy schedule.”

Pick and choose from your instant library of Family Home Evening Lessons. 50 lessons and the start-up materials all in one convenient storage box!

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Is Club FHE or ClubFHE.com an official site of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

No. Club FHE is not endorsed in any way by the LDS Church. However, the team behind Club FHE fully endorses the beliefs and values of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For more information on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Church’s official website can be found at http://www.lds.org/, and http://www.Mormon.org/ is a great church site as well.

Is my information secure?

At Club FHE, we value your privacy and know you do too. All financial data is collected through PayPal, and we have implemented the latest security technology to protect your private information.

When and how is my Club FHE kit shipped?

Your kit will ship two to four business days after billing is completed through PayPal. Please expect 6-8 business days for delivery after shipment. (Total shipping time is 8-12 business days.)

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